Gay dating who pays?

Whoever asks who is at the appointment, most people will say that they should pay. If he is very gallant when it comes to selecting the place where you are going to eat, he should also offer to pay. That's not to say I should, but we'll talk about that later. You could be choosing a restaurant and planning a lovely night that's way out of your budget.

If you're into planning, check your bank account first to make sure you can cover the entire bill. Heteronormative expectations still permeate the LGBT dating scene, even without us considering it, which can lead to more dates being paid for than can be paid for. I was so new to the scene, that all the friends I had made so far in the new city were girls, and they had no idea how a gay relationship worked, let alone the first date. I was a college student at the time of my first gay date and I thought he felt like he had to take care of the bill.

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